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parts of speech:
intransitive verb, noun
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: results, resulting, resulted
definition 1: to occur or happen as the outcome of action.
The accident resulted from the driver being asleep at the wheel.
arise, ensue
similar words:
amount, develop, end, eventuate, evolve, follow, happen, issue, occur, proceed, spring
definition 2: to conclude in a certain way.
Her radical activities resulted in her arrest.
culminate, terminate
similar words:
cause, conclude, end, eventuate, finish, occasion
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: what happens or what is produced as a consequence; outcome.
The vaccine was the result of many years of research.She'd put in a lot of hard work, but she was not satisfied with the result.We tried very hard with our business, but the result was that we failed.Nobody watered the plants and, as a result, they all died.
consequence, effect, outcome
similar words:
aftermath, conclusion, end, issue, outgrowth, spawn, upshot
definition 2: (often plural) the final or significant piece or pieces of information gained from an investigation, examination, or calculation.
The results of the study did not support the researchers' claim.Once the final calculation was carried out, the result was 3.83.
definition 3: the outcome of a race such as in sports or politics.
We listened to the election results on the radio.The result of the Ohio election came as a surprise to many.Stay tuned for more college football results in our next segment.Did you hear the result of the Kentucky Derby?
definition 4: (plural) a desired outcome.
You may not like his methods, but he always gets results.For best results, clean the surface thoroughly before painting.The product is guaranteed to produce fast results.
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  • resulting:
    happening as a result.