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parts of speech:
preposition, noun
worth it
Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: good, valuable, or important enough to warrant.
The excellent cinematography makes this a film worth seeing.The car was in such bad condition that it wasn't worth repairing.This problem really isn't worth your attention.
definition 2: successful in compensating for.
It was a tough match but winning the competition made all the practice worth the effort.
definition 3: having a monetary value of.
We thought the ring was worth at least a thousand dollars, but the jeweler told us that the stone wasn't real.They sold the property for much less than it was worth.
similar words:
going for, priced at, selling for, valued at
definition 4: having wealth and property amounting to.
He is worth at least three million dollars.
similar words:
valued at
part of speech: noun
definition 1: inherent excellence or importance.
The publisher recognized that she was an author of true worth.The worth of this idea was immediately apparent to all of us.They wanted their daughter to marry a man of worth.
merit, value, worthiness
similar words:
account, character, consequence, distinction, eminence, excellence, goodness, greatness, honor, importance, quality
definition 2: value or usefulness.
He could see that his worth to the company was increasing, so he decided to ask for a raise.
use, usefulness, utility, value
similar words:
account, advantage, avail, benefit, caliber, good, importance, meaning, merit, significance
definition 3: a number or amount that can be purchased with particular sum.
I bought forty dollars worth of gasoline.
definition 4: material or monetary value.
The diamond's worth is about two thousand dollars.
valuation, value
similar words:
asking price, cost, market, price
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