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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
in detail
Word Combinations (noun, verb)
part of speech: noun
pronunciation: di teIl [or] di teIl
definition 1: a small item; specific aspect; particular.
The one detail I forgot to take care of was to turn off the light in the hall.Tell us about the wedding, and don't leave out any details!This is a nice paragraph, but it could use a few more details.These details on the clothing are very finely crafted.
similar words:
item, point, respect, specific
definition 2: all the particulars of something considered together.
They're making a great product now that they have the details right.He's just started, so you can't expect him to know the details of the job at this point.
minutiae, particulars
similar words:
circumstance, niceties, nuts and bolts, specific, specification, specs
definition 3: precisely crafted, intricate decoration.
Look at the beautiful detail in this piece of embroidery.
similar words:
fancywork, finery
definition 4: attention or care in the treatment of each aspect of something.
The illustrator's detail is so evident in these exquisite pictures.
painstaking, punctiliousness, scrupulosity
similar words:
attention, exactitude, precision
definition 5: depth; elaborateness.
She described the scene in great detail.
definition 6: an assignment to a certain task.
I have kitchen detail tonight.
assignment, duty, mission
similar words:
appointment, charge, chore, job, responsibility, stint, task
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phrase: in detail
part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: dih teIl [or] di teIl
inflections: details, detailing, detailed
definition 1: to describe or tell with all the particulars.
She detailed every aspect of the incident.
delineate, elaborate, particularize, spell out
similar words:
clarify, demonstrate, describe, narrate, relate, specify
definition 2: to list explicitly item by item.
enumerate, itemize
similar words:
catalogue, list, particularize, recite, specify, tabulate
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