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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: shoots, shooting, shot
definition 1: to hit, wound, destroy, or kill with a gun, arrow, or other missile.
The hunter shot a deer.
similar words:
gun, pop
definition 2: to fire (a weapon).
He shot his gun at the target.
similar words:
discharge, fire
definition 3: to cause (a missile) to fly forth.
The rancher shot three bullets from his rifle.
similar words:
discharge, issue
definition 4: to send forth rapidly (statements or questions).
The reporters shot questions at him for thirty minutes.
definition 5: to emit (rays of light or the like).
The sun shoots its rays into space.
similar words:
definition 6: in sports, to propel (a ball), esp. towards a goal.
The hockey player shot the puck into the goal.
definition 7: to cause to extend suddenly.
She shot her finger at him.He shot out his leg and deflected the ball.
similar words:
definition 8: to take a photograph of or record on film.
I'd like to shoot the models in front of the fountain now.They shot the actors in the opening scene early this morning.We hired someone to shoot the wedding.The movie was shot in France.
film, photograph
definition 9: (slang) to inject (illegal drugs).
He's been shooting heroin since the band went on the road.
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to fire or discharge a missile or missiles from a weapon.
Please don't shoot!He shot at the rabbit, but his bullet hit the tree.
similar words:
discharge, fire, gun, loose, open up, pop
definition 2: to move with great speed (usu. fol. by "around," "by," "out" or the like).
The car shot by us.The cat shot around the corner of the couch.
similar words:
flash, fly, jet, streak
definition 3: to take photographs or moving pictures.
He took his camera and was shooting all afternoon.
definition 4: in sports, to propel a ball, esp. at a goal.
Let's take turns; you shoot first.
definition 5: to flow through.
A pain shot down his leg.
similar words:
definition 6: to put forth buds, as a tree.
The oak tree usually shoots around the beginning of May.
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of shooting a firearm, bow, or the like.
definition 2: a shooting contest or a hunting expedition.
The boys went along on the turkey shoot.
definition 3: a bit of new growth, as on a plant, bush, or tree.
She was pleased to see a new shoot on her aloe plant.
definition 4: a photography or filming session.
The models were ready for the shoot, but the photographer was late.It was exciting to be present at the movie shoot.
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derivation: shooter (n.)
Homophone Note
Are you looking for the word chute? Shoot and chute sound alike but have different meanings.
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