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kuh vr
parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
cover up, take cover, under cover
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: covers, covering, covered
definition 1: to put or spread something over or on, as for protection or concealment.
She covered the sleeping child with a blanket.He covered the dish with some plastic wrap.
cloak, curtain, mask, shelter, veil
bare, denude, expose, open, uncover
similar words:
bathe, bind, blanket, camouflage, canopy, cap, carpet, clothe, cloud, coat, conceal, envelop, face, lade, mantle, muffle, occult, secrete, shade, sheet, shroud, top, wrap
definition 2: to lie on the surface of.
Snow covers the ground all winter.Their faces were covered with dirt.The sheets were covered in blood.
blanket, carpet, cloak, mantle
similar words:
coat, overlay
definition 3: to pass over a certain distance; travel.
We covered a thousand miles that summer.
travel, traverse
similar words:
do, log
definition 4: to take into account; include.
The book didn't cover enough topics.
comprise, contain, include
similar words:
embrace, encompass, incorporate, subsume
definition 5: to apply to; pertain to; provide for.
This one solution will cover all these problems.The new law covers those exceptions that existed previously.
definition 6: to gather or convey information about.
I covered that story for the radio news.
similar words:
broadcast, investigate
definition 7: to protect from possible loss or damage; insure.
My car is covered against theft.
insure, protect
similar words:
guard, insulate, safeguard, shield, underwrite
definition 8: to provide (someone) compensation for loss or damage.
Our insurance covers us for damage caused by a collision.
definition 9: to take over the responsibility of (something) for another.
Don't worry about the front desk; I can cover it for you while you make your phone call.
definition 10: to take financial responsibility for.
The boss is covering this whole meal for us.
definition 11: of money, to be enough to pay the full amount of (a debt or charge).
It was a large check, but there was enough money in my account to cover it.Here's a hundred dollars; that should cover the groceries we need.
definition 12: to guard against attack by having within the range of one's guns.
Our troops covered the whole valley.
definition 13: to provide some amount of protection for (someone) by shooting at or being in a position to shoot opponents.
His partner covered him as he ran toward the enemy's hideout.
definition 14: in sports, to guard (an opponent) or guard (a base).
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: (informal) to protect someone from punishment or censure by providing an excuse or alibi (usu. fol. by "for").
He was sure his girlfriend would cover for him if the police asked any questions.His wife said that he was home the whole time, but now she's decided to quit covering for him.
similar words:
protect, shield
definition 2: to work as a substitute for someone who is absent.
You take a break and I'll cover for you.I can cover for you on Thursday, but you'll have to ask somebody else for Friday.
similar words:
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: something laid over or on something else to give shelter, protection, or concealment.
The paint dried up because you didn't put the cover back on.The book's cover made it look interesting.
cap, covering, lid, screen, shield, top
similar words:
ambush, blanket, camouflage, case, coating, curtain, hood, layer, mantle, protection, shelter, shroud, tent, veil
definition 2: (pl.) items such as blankets, sheets, and quilts that are used on a bed.
Her room was cold, but she felt warm and cozy under the covers.
definition 3: that which conceals or protects someone or something from harm or punishment.
We looked for cover during the storm.
asylum, harbor, haven, refuge, sanctuary, shelter
similar words:
port, protection
definition 4: pretense or disguise.
The business was a cover for unlawful activity.
disguise, fašade, mask, masquerade, pretense
similar words:
alibi, camouflage, cloak, excuse, front, guise, pretext, screen, smoke screen
definition 5: a rendition of a song that was originally recorded and made popular by another artist or group.
Our band was only playing covers at that time; we hadn't started writing our own material yet.
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phrase: cover up, take cover, under cover
derivations: coverable (adj.), covered (adj.), coverer (n.)
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