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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, auxiliary verb
could do with, do or die, do over, do without
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: does, doing, did, done
definition 1: to engage in (some activity); busy oneself with.
What are you doing up there?I did nothing all weekend.We did some interesting things on our vacation.
definition 2: to complete or carry out to completion; perform.
If you do these exercises, you will increase your muscle strength.I did all of the assignments over the weekend.Did you do all your work?You did me a very big favor by hauling those things away.[verb + object + object ] He asked his lawyer to do him one last service before she retired.[verb + object + object ]
accomplish, carry out, complete, discharge, execute, fulfill, hack, perform
similar words:
carry off, commit, finish, render, succeed, take, transact
definition 3: to cause or bring about.
He robbed the house, but he did no harm to the old couple living there.The accident did a lot of damage to the car.
cause, effect, effectuate
similar words:
create, produce, work
definition 4: to cover (a distance); travel.
We did twenty miles in the car.
cover, travel
similar words:
accomplish, finish
definition 5: to work at.
Yesterday we did the rugs, and today we'll do the windows.I don't do much ironing these days.
similar words:
complete, perform, practice, prepare, take care of
definition 6: to form, shape, or craft.
The skater did a beautiful figure eight.This is the best painting I've ever done.
fashion, make, produce
similar words:
compose, craft, create, dress, originate
definition 7: to attempt or carry out in order to solve a problem or accomplish a particular goal.
What are we going to do about all these debts?Aren't you going to do anything about this problem?Is there anything the doctors can do?What do you want me to do with these boxes?
similar words:
attempt, carry out, try, undertake, venture
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to behave or act.
She does as she pleases whether we like it or not.
similar words:
act, perform
definition 2: to get along.
The fish are doing well in the new tank.
fare, get along, manage
similar words:
definition 3: to be satisfactory or sufficient.
That tie is a little out of style, but it will do.It will not do to be late for the wedding.[it + verb + infinitive ]
fit, satisfy, suffice, suit
similar words:
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phrase: do or die
part of speech: auxiliary verb
definition 1: used to emphasize the affirmative quality of the main verb and to counter a negative perception or possibility.
I do intend to go; I'm just not ready yet.I did try to help him, but he refused my help.
definition 2: used to introduce a question or create a negative statement with "not."
Do you want to go?I do not want to go.
definition 3: used to avoid repeating a main verb.
I believe as you do.
phrase: could do with, do over, do without
Homophone Note
The words do1, dew, and due sound alike in American English but have different meanings.