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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun, adjective
go on record, off the record
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: rih kord
inflections: records, recording, recorded
definition 1: to put in writing or some other form as evidence.
The police officer interviewed a witness and recorded her answers in his notebook.The nurse recorded the patient's height and weight.
note, take, write up
similar words:
catalogue, chronicle, delineate, document, enter, inscribe, log, post, put down, register, tally
definition 2: to copy (sounds or images) for mechanical or electronic reproduction.
The orchestra first recorded the symphony in 1996.
similar words:
transcribe, videotape
definition 3: to cause (a vote, property deed, opinion, or the like) to be formally set down.
The sale of the property has been recorded.
similar words:
lodge, put down, register
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: rih kord
definition: to make a record or a recording.
The band members plan to record next week.
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: re krd
definition 1: a collection of information that has been noted down over time and stored.
The historical record shows that Native Americans once owned this land.A record of our tax payments is kept at city hall.These achievements are noted on the student's record.
similar words:
account, album, archives, commentary, dossier, journal, log, proceeding, statement
definition 2: evidence of the existence, presence, or occurrence of something.
With these fossils, we have a record of these particular trilobytes having inhabited this region.
definition 3: a written down or remembered list of one's past actions.
The detective is proud of his record of solving crimes.She has a record of disruptive behavior.
history, track record
similar words:
definition 4: an accounting of criminal acts.
The police checked the suspect's record before they arrested him.
similar words:
definition 5: a particular piece of information or digital file that has been stored.
The computer has no record of anybody by that name.
definition 6: the official transcript of a court's proceedings.
Please state your full name for the record.
similar words:
dossier, proceeding
definition 7: a disk, usu. made of vinyl, upon which sounds are recorded for reproduction.
She is proud of her collection of rock-'n'-roll records.
disc, disk
similar words:
definition 8: the greatest achievement in a particular field, esp. sports.
He set the high-jump record in last year's Olympics.She broke the world record in several swimming events.
definition 9: the state or fact of being recorded.
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phrase: go on record, off the record
part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: re krd
definition 1: of or pertaining to a record.
definition 2: surpassing all other achievements.
a record performance
unrivaled, unsurpassed
similar words:
banner, best, champion, greatest, top, ultimate, unbeaten
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derivations: recordable (adj.), recorded (adj.)
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