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    lae b@ rIn thihn  [or]  lae b@ rIn thin

    1.  of, resembling, or forming a labyrinth.
    We followed our guide through the labyrinthine catacombs.

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    laend lakt

    lacking access to the sea.
    Paraguay and Bolivia are the only landlocked countries in South America; all the other countries border the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, or both in the case of Colombia.

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prih saIs

definition 1:  clearly stated or strictly delineated.
example:  The instructions were quite precise and left no room for error.
example:  She made a precise distinction between the two concepts.

definition 2:  accurate; exact.
example:  We need a precise count of the votes.
example:  I don’t understand the precise meaning of this word.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the adjective precise

definition 1
precise + NOUN:    ~ wording, ~ definition, ~ description, ~ explanation, ~ instructions, ~ specifications, ~ account, ~ prediction

definition 2
precise + NOUN:    ~ measurement, ~ calculation, ~ formulation, ~ detail, ~ meaning, ~ location, ~ date, ~ timing, ~ nature (e.g., describing the precise nature of the predicament)