In WILD Collections, children view things arranged in categories. (Each individual item is linked with its dictionary entry in the Book so that more information and additional images can be popped up with one click.) In Collections, a child might view, for example, types of plants, types of weather, bodies of water, sea animals, birds, landforms, people in their jobs, things on a sandwich, ways people feel, kinds of art, things to read, and maps of the world. 

Teachers will also find clusters of words sharing certain grammatical features, such as “Things Your Body Can Do” (action verbs), “Prepositions of Place,” or “Prepositions of Movement.” Collections also include other kinds of thematically grouped words and concepts, such as those connected with Transportation, Earth and Space, the Body, and Numbers and Shapes. An intuitive visual table of contents makes it fun and easy to browse through the various collections and discover the world of knowledge contained within them. With nearly a hundred different collections in WILD, there’s a lot to explore!

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