Wordsmyth’s new app is available on App Store and Google Play and can
be used with or without internet connection. If you want to purchase the app for your whole school, it is available with an educational discount through Apple School Manager or Managed Google Play.

Three Dictionaries in One

Wordsmyth’s Student & ELL Dictionary app contains Wordsmyth’s Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner’s dictionaries.  The headwords in the three dictionaries are linked so that the user may easily move up or down between the levels to find simpler or more advanced definitions for the same looked-up word. The app display includes, among other features, audio pronunciations; easy-to-read definitions and example sentences; synonyms and antonyms; photographs; and colorful illustrations.  

Advanced Dictionary

  • 60,000 headwords and over 100,000 definitions. Designed for adults and upper level students.
  • Accurate and clearly-written definitions along with carefully crafted example sentences that make meaning come alive while showing common and appropriate patterns of use.

Intermediate Dictionary

  • Approximately 14,000 headwords and over 23,000 full-sentence examples.  Designed primarily for younger students and intermediate ESL.
  • Controlled vocabulary and sentence structure for easier comprehension.

Beginner’s Dictionary

  • Approximately 5000 headwords and over 8,000 example sentences. Designed primarily for adult English Language Learners.
  • Concise and simple defining style.  Only the most frequent words of English used in definitions and example sentences.

Customizable entry display

Choose what information you want to see displayed on your dictionary page.  See only definitions or choose among the rich entry fields Wordsmyth provides.

  • Example sentences
    Carefully composed examples matched with definitions let you see how words are used and help you more deeply understand a word’s meaning through context.
  • Images and animations
    We’re proud of our definitions, but an image is still worth a thousand words.  Enjoy our animations as well! They both teach and entertain.
  • Word Explorer
    Enjoy our word-finding and knowledge-exploration feature that allows you to find words relating to multiple topics and to explore whole networks of related words and meanings.
  • Language notes
    Language notes offer you additional important information about how to  use words and which words to use. You can also discover interesting facts with Homophone Notes, Word Histories, and our Word Builder feature.

Integrated Thesaurus

Built into the dictionary is Wordmyth’s thesaurus, which includes synonyms, antonyms, and words that are somewhat similar in meaning to the headword. The thesaurus words are matched with individual senses of a word rather than with just the headword itself and they appear along with their corresponding definitions.  For example, synonyms for the headword “hot” referring to high temperature, “hot” referring to spiciness of food, and “hot” referring to an angry temper are matched with and appear along with their appropriate definitions in the entry for “hot.” 

Another excellent feature of the thesaurus is that the words are linked with their own entries so that one click on a synonym, for example, will let the user view the meaning of that synonym in that word’s own entry.  Going back to the original entry is as simple as an additional click.