As educators, we are all aware that learning words parts, particularly Greek and Latin roots and prefixes, can help students guess the meaning of new words as well as help them recall the meaning of words that they have previously been exposed to.  Such learning can be of vast benefit to vocabulary acquisition. In addition, learning suffixes, such as the Latin suffixes “-ness” and “-ment” and the suffix “-ly” from Old English, can help students understand the grammatical meanings attached to words and see how different forms of words are related to each other.

As you may know, Wordsmyth has a word parts database integrated within its dictionaries. The Word Parts Feature is displayed within relevant dictionary entries and is designed to support both native-speaking students and English Language Learners in their understanding of roots and affixes and to help them make use of word parts information to expand their vocabulary.  The word parts data as a whole can be viewed by looking under Search Tools and clicking on A-Z Word Parts. Here you will find a comprehensive, alphabetical listing of roots and affixes that is searchable.

Below is a special list we’ve created from information in our word parts database that teachers may find helpful in introducing Greek and Latin roots in grades 3 to 5. (Download as PDF).

rootsmeaningexample words
agrisoil, earth, fieldagriculture, agronomy
aquwateraquarium, aqua, aquaculture
astrostarastronaut, astronomy, astrology
autoselfautomatic, autograph, autobiography
centhundredcentury, cent, centipede
capheadcaptain, capital, capitalize
dentteethdentist, dental
dicttelldictionary, predict, dictator
gramwritetelegram, diagram, grammar
graphwritetelegraph, geography, graphics
mob, motmovemobile, motion, motor
pedfootpedal, pedestrian, centipede
phonsoundtelephone, microphone, symphony
photlightphotograph, photosynthesis
portcarrytransport, import, portable
ruptbreakerupt, interrupt, disrupt
scrib, scriptwritescribble, prescription, script
solsunsolar system, parasol
solalonesolo, solitaire
spectlookinspect, spectator, spectacles
spherballspherical, hemisphere
stellstarconstellation, stellar
structbuildconstruct, structure
teledistancetelephone, telescope, television

Watch for more word part lists for different grade levels in the coming months. Also, click to learn more about the Wordsmyth word parts database and how this unique feature can be used in facilitating vocabulary learning and teaching.