To help with online study and learning during these difficult times, Wordsmyth would like to introduce you to its free dictionary widget that you and your students can use to look up words on any web page.

Installing the widget is very easy. Simply go to Wordsmyth’s widget page and then “drag and drop” the widget onto your browser’s bookmark toolbar.

Let’s say you are reading online and want to look up a word; select the word and click the widget link on your toolbar. After this first lookup, the widget is launched and you can simply double click any word and the widget will pop up automatically with the entry information you are looking for. If you want to look up a word that isn’t on the page, click the widget link and the widget search box will appear. You can then type in a word and click the “OK” button to retrieve the dictionary entry for the word you typed. (Please note that ad blockers may interfere with the functioning of the widget.)

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