Wordsmyth’s new Grammatical Patterns feature provides a comprehensive database of grammatical patterns, pattern explanations, and grammar-related definitions. Whether you’re learning the structure of English or teaching it, these tools can help!

Grammatical Patterns Features

Grammatical Patterns Glossary

The Grammatical Patterns Glossary contains definitions and explanations of the terms used in the Grammatical Patterns feature. To view the Glossary in Search Tools:

  1. Click “Grammatical Patterns Glossary” on the left side of the screen.
  2. To read a complete explanation of each term, click the link above its brief definition.

Grammatical Patterns List and Descriptions

In Search Tools, you’ll find the list of grammatical patterns that we identify in our dictionary. Clicking on a pattern name will take you to a list of the most common words that follow the pattern.

Clicking on the provided link to further discussion of the pattern will take you to an explanation of the pattern, example sentences using the pattern, as well as the list of words that follow the pattern.

In order to fully understand how a Grammatical Pattern works, you may need help in understanding how its parts operate. Large sentence elements, parts of speech, and names of particular grammatical forms identified in a pattern are linked to their definitions in the Glossary. It’s as easy as one click! To learn more about the structural elements within a Grammatical Pattern:

  1. Click any of the underlined terms beneath the introductory example sentence.

Using Grammatical Patterns Within Dictionary Entries

All Wordsmyth Grammatical Patterns are integrated within applicable dictionary entries. Want to learn how a particular verb can operate in all of its various senses? Take a look at its marked patterns next to its example sentences and click on the pattern links for more information!

Grammatical Patterns in Dictionary Entries

Grammatical Patterns is only available for Wordsmyth subscribers. As it’s a new Wordsmyth feature, you will have to add it to your dictionary display. To activate Grammatical Patterns within an entry:

  1. Under “Display options,” click “Show Grammatical Patterns”
  2. Links to Grammatical Patterns will appear next to each applicable example sentence

Examples of Grammatical Structure within Dictionary Entries

To learn more about a particular grammatical pattern attached to a sense of a word, click the bracketed pattern next to an example sentence. You will be taken to the description of the pattern, illustrative example sentences, and the list of words following the particular pattern.

Access Full List of Grammatical Patterns from Entry Examples

You can access the full Grammatical Patterns list from an entry example window! Simply scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window and click “All Grammatical Patterns” to go to the main list.

Stuck on Grammatical Patterns? Check out this tutorial video!

Grammatical Patterns is a great resource for interactive grammar study– but it’s only available for subscribers. Interested? Subscribe today!

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